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Welen (MOVED): URL rename
"bw-symfony" in Redmine URL now "welen"
Added by meinhard over 1 year ago

Welen (MOVED): The new kid in town
BW Drupal ditched, chat meeting soon
Added by meinhard almost 2 years ago

BW Drupal (DEPRECATED): FOSDEM BW drupal hacking
Added by guaka over 2 years ago

BW Drupal (DEPRECATED): Migrated git repositories
Git repositories have migrated from gitorious to internal servers
Added by realitygaps almost 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Welen (MOVED) (2012-09-19 05:14)

    Welen - The next generation hospitality exchange engine

    See: http://www.welen.org/

  • BW Drupal (DEPRECATED) (2011-09-19 19:29)

    BeWelcome in Drupal (experimental)

    This project was an attempt to rewrite BeWelcome in Drupal. It was abandoned in September 2012 in favour of BW Symfony and is kept here for experimental purposes.

    Git repositories:
    git://redmine.bewelcome.org/bw-drupal.git (anonymous)...