git clone git:// #(for anonymous read-only access)


git clone :bw-drupal #(for read/write - requires public key for access)


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Developer workflow

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Keeping it up:

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Code-driven Drupal development:

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This is an overview of the project to migrate BeWelcome to Drupal. This is a work in progress. You're welcome to edit.

The BeWelcome project was started late 2006, and it has gained considerable respect for the way it's run. Unfortunately so far this has not materialized into an big active member base. One possible underlying problem is probably the current code base, which takes an considerable amount of time and effort to get into, experience that is not directly usable on other projects. So the idea has risen several times to move to a more active platform. According to a survey among potential and actual BeWelcome developers, taken in October, there is considerable knowledge of Drupal, compared to Zend, Symfony and even the BW Rox framework itself. (See also the developer survey )

A general advantage of Drupal is the synergy:
  • many directly usable existing modules
    • BW bugs and feature requests can be part of that
  • Drupal devs can become interested in BW
  • it gives guidelines in terms of coding (e.g. kit ) and project management
  • BW "features" could be reused on other Drupal sites

The main git repo is at This currently contains Drupal, some contrib modules and a BW installation profile. See also Set up BW Drupal.

Want to help?

Some things you can do right now:
  • create an account here on Redmine
  • Drupal site building
    • start working on an unassigned issue
    • build features according to current BW functionality
    • find out what's working in D7
  • PHP coding
    • fix what's not yet working in D7
    • add needed functionality to Drupal modules
  • learning Drupal 7


Experienced with Drupal and PHP

  • guaka d.o - everything but graphic design
  • lemonhead - everything but graphic design. d.o donquixote
  • Oren d.o - 2 yrs Drupal 6 theming, coding & project mgmt, some D7. Boston, USA
  • realitygaps

Experienced with Drupal

  • robin - experienced site builder (hardly any PHP)
  • sitarane - Site builder (hardly any PHP)

Mainly theming

  • su2010 - experience with theming
  • gl0bi - learning Drupal, can help with theming and graphic design
  • lupochen - still learning Drupal, did some Drupal theming already, can help with HTML, CSS and some PHP, also got an eye for clean design
  • crumbking - help with theming and graphic design

PHP, learning Drupal

  • planetcruiser - will join later, focus on Rox for now (PHP pro) :)
  • coroa - learning drupal as well, intermediate PHP knowledge.

No knowledge of either Drupal or PHP but willing to learn

  • saraedum, real life Julian. I don't know much about drupal, but similar stuff. focus and time: undecided yet.
  • easyrider Dominique, unfortunately no experience at all with drupal/php (but other programing experience). Maybe also some infrastructure stuff. I will have a lot of free time in Novemver and I might break into it.
  • elf-pavlik ruby (rails) background but open to suffer some php work focus on wokrflows, agile, xp - automated testing, CI + big focus now on Federated Social Web and distributed netwokring in general (also bits of Sematic Web)
  • ''sign up and add yourself to this list - feel free to move yourself around and/or create more people categories''


Like Drupal: it's ready when it's ready - no more open critical issues. So no roadmap with dates here. (Yet. Open for change.)

  1. Implement as much as possible on a D7 installation at
    • No importing of data yet
  2. Make it distributable
    • git
    • everything should become code
  3. Start importing data
    • With some funky data modules
    • Start with data that has no privacy issues such as wiki
  4. Create alpha D7 BW

Agile - workflows and practices